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Plastic Fuel Tanks and Filler Pipes

In the future, increasing numbers of technical parts will require freedom of design. However, freedom of design requires universal flexibility production machines. The BEKUM large-size, high-output blow molding machines will meet this demand. With
a great degree of efficiency and our 24-hour service, Bekum meets the high requirements of the automotive industry and others.
The diversity of automotive applications for plastics is almost unlimited, whether it
be oil canisters, fuel tanks, air ducts, washer fluid reservoirs or acoustic panels
to reduce engine noise. Many well-known automobile manufacturers use products, which are made on our blow molding machines. We also offer various special solutions for the sanitation and electronics industries.

Cost reduction by

  • Compact construction, resulting in low installation space requirement
  • Minimal auxiliary machine process times, thus reducing the cycle times
  • One item output, enabling a simplification of the subsequent line

Item quality increased by

  • Use of a 7 layer spiral flow distributor
  • After inserting a preform, the mould is immediately closed and the blowing process starts
  • The processes are exactly the same in stations 1 and 2

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