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BEKUM blow molding machines of the EBLOW, BM and BA series with both single and double station production offer almost unlimited flexibility in canister design.
These in addition to the canister market shapes available, include the consumer-friendly grip function and the "Anti-Glug" feature that allows a smooth continuous draining of the canister.
Consistently high output rates, excellent quality and reproducible canister wall thickness distributions at the same time offering perfect calibration of the canister opening, even after thousands of production hours are characterized by BEKUM blow molding machines.
The perfectly synchronized electronic-hydraulic control provides optimum locking system with repeatable precise welding and clamping force. The fast closing times, low energy consumption and the possibility of extension of the machines to complete production lines guarantee an efficient and flexible production.

Production Examples:
Resin: HDPE
Application: Oil canisters, IBC Containers; Sanitation: Toilet tanks; Electronics: Toner cartridges; Other: Toys, road construction cones/barrels
Technology: Co-extrusion, Accumulator Head Extrusion, View Stripe
Products: Volumes from 5 L up to 3000 L
Added Value: Premeation resistance

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