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Dairy Packaging


Over a short period of time, small size drink bottles have enjoyed above average growth in the dairy market, especially for flavored milks.
A large variety of these 50 ml to 1,500 ml bottles are already in use. In order to handle the increasing demand for these small bottles, BEKUM developed special multi-cavity technology for blow molding machines, which enables bottle manufacturers and fillers to produce over 100 million economical, premium quality bottles per year in small, medium, or large runs. Through many years of experience
in the area of aseptic packaging, BEKUM enables manufacturers to fill sensitive
goods under stringent regulations.

Production Examples:
Resin: HDPE / PP
Application: Milk (Fresh, UHT, cold-distributed), flavored milk drinks, as well as whey and drinkable yogurt
Technology: Multi-Cavity, Tandem Blow, Aseptic Production, 3-layer Co-extrusion,
6-layer Co-extrusion with EVOH
Products: Volumes from 50ml to 3,000 ml
Added Value: Shelf-life up to 12 months, light, aroma and Taste protection, sterilization


Beverage Industry


Markets are developed by trends. This also holds true for the beverage market
and has led to strong expansion of fruit juices and functional drinks. The standard
is being set by smaller, high quality products for outdoor and fitness activities in user-friendly and secure plastic packages.
In addition, plastic bottles and containers provide significant added values such
as light weight, transportability, and recyclability. The beverage industry profits from BEKUM multi-layer packaging (co-extrusion) through increased self-life up to 12 months as well as taste and aroma protection, so that the products stay fresh without the use of perservatives.

Production Examples:
Resin: HDPE / PP / PC
Application: Alcohol-free beverages, fruit, juices, functional drinks, non-carbonated water, Food
Technology: Multi-Cavity, Tandem Blow, Co-extrusion of HDPE and PP, hot-filling
Products: Volumes from 50ml to 20L
Added Value: Shelf-life of up to 12 months

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