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Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Chemical Packaging


BEKUM has extensive experience with production of sterile pharmaceutical bottles and containers under “clean room” conditions.
With our special machine designs for sterile blow molding, we meet the pharma-ceutical industry’s standards for quality and provide substantial support for its product and market goals.
With our individualized and custom tailored machine solutions for germ-free packaging, and our highly productive, maintenance-friendly machines, we have an outstanding reputation in this market segment.
With cosmetics, household cleaners, and agro-chemicals, it all comes down to the right packaging! Multi-layer packaging is produced using our co-extrusion technology compatible with chemical products. The necessity for packaging to resist the effects of chemical contents is met with barrier layers.

Production Examples:
Application: Pharmaceuticals: eye drop bottles, first-aid solutions, Infusion and Plasma bags; Chemicals: Agro-chemical containers; Cosmetics: Healthcare Products, such as sun screens, deodorants
Technology: Multi-Cavity, Sterile Production, Co-extrusion, In-Mold-Labeling, View Stripe
Products: Volumes from 5ml to 10 L
Added Value: Permeation protection, aroma barrier, soft touch or glass-like surfaces, sterilization

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