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From Pioneer to Leader in the World Market


No other company in the world has characterised the developments on the market for blow moulders over the past few decades as much as BEKUM. Our family run Company, formed in 1959, is the most experienced company in our industry. We have been able to do well for so long, and have grown to become the global market leader due to our unique product range, our innovative, top-quality machine solutions, and first-rate global service.

We have always been one step ahead of the rest as evidenced by our introduction of the first “neck calibration” in the year BEKUM was formed. Since the beginning, we have developed numerous inventions and patents that now rank among the industry standards for blow moulding machines, and we have provided constant confirmation of our innovation and leadership. For example, almost all of the extrusion plastic bottles, which are automatically produced
today, are produced using technology invented by BEKUM.

Our expertise from over 18,000 machines sold worldwide flows into all of our customer requests. Customised solutions
are standard for us. Together with our customers, we have developed tailor-made solutions to meet their requirements,
as well as entire production lines. We make the die heads for our co-extrusion machines and the essential key components using our own well-founded expertise in our own mechanical production.

Today, more than 300 highly-qualified employees work at three plants in Berlin, Traismauer/Austria, and Williamston MI/USA, to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. In addition, our global sales and service network on every continent
ensures customer proximity, high availability, and smooth production workflows. Well-known automotive, drink, cosmetic,
medical, and chemical industry customers benefit from our services, and have been placing their trust in us and our competence for decades.

We are also well positioned. To more effectively meet customer needs, we have recently streamlined our operation by bundling the production of our packaging and large blow moulding systems in Traismauer, and by focusing on our core competencies in sales, customer service, engineering and product development in Berlin, which means that we are able to execute orders even more effectively, to optimise customer requirements. If you have any relevant blow moulding questions, or a concrete project to finalise, contact us!

We look forward to hearing from you and working with your team.

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