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PET Blow Moulding Molding

PET Handle Ware Container

In order to optimize our PET processing technology, BEKUM partnered with both the PET material suppliers and major converters to refine the EBM PET process to meet the PET handleware goals of the brand owner. From extrusion System design, mould construction, material drying, regrind reuse, and in-machine deflashing, the EBM PET process was thoroughly analyzed and validated.


The Multi Cavity Concept takes advantage of the maximum mould width of the
blow moulding machine. The success of this concept is the high output of the
BM machines. This means that up to 15 bottles per mould side can be produced,
on a twin station machine up to 30 bottles! More

Tandem Blow

The Tandem Blow technology developed by BEKUM allows for the production
of two articles from one extrusion parison! Bottom-to-bottom blowing of articles
with lost domes for BM single and twin station machines increases the output
performance by 100% ! More


BEKUM has been the leading supplier of Coextrusion process engineering and
machine technology for over 30 years. In this process two or more different
plastics are combined. These plastics show properties when combined which they
do not have when processed on their own. This process offers technical and
economical solutions for the highest requirements to a wide variety of branches
such as food, beverages, milk and dairy, cosmetics, agrochemicals, pharmacy
and medicine. The food industry is increasingly making use of the advantages of
Coextrusion to extend the product shelf life of dairy and juice beverages up to
12 months via a barrier for light and oxygen protection. In combination with the
plastic PP food can even be hot filled. More


Plastics for food packaging for milk, dairy products and beverages have long
since asserted themselves. They meet the strict laws on foodstuffs and the
environment, are non-toxic, can be easily recycled and are ecologically harmless.
The aseptic container production, such as is successfully carried out on BEKUM
machines, minimizes bacterial contamination and therefore extends the lifetime
of the contents in combination with Coextrusion for several months. More


In-Mould-Labelling positions a label, held by a vacuum nozzle, on the inside wall
of each cavity of the blow mould before the blowing process, which then fuses
with the material during the blowing. The label is therefore not simply stuck on to
the outside of the container; it has been integrated into the container itself (and
can no longer be removed). It is then no longer necessary to label the article after the blowing process. More

Extrusion heads

Extrusion heads play a major role in the successful production of blow moulded
containers and parts. High parison quality, a prerequisite for high quality blown
articles, sets high demands on an extrusion head’s performance. BEKUM extrusion
heads are developed and optimized inhouse using the latest systems and
computer programs and are manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment. They
are proven high output components which are designed to provide many years
of service under production conditions. More

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